Leadone Technology Team

Leadone is a group of experienced diverse technology professionals.

Andreas Holmes

CEO - Tech Entrepreneur and  Web Platform Creator.
  • ​Canada

    ​Experienced web entrepreneur, web platform and software creator.

  • Creative and Innovative thinker with expertise in business creation, business promotion, operations and expansion. 
  • Strategic and long term thinker with proven ability to create long term investments and businesses. 
  • Experienced in technical and practical  SEO
  • Software Architect and Designer and Web Software Platform Creator, with an eye for detail and an advanced understanding of user processes.
  • Successful business developer, experienced in Business Creation  and Development 
  • Corporate Management and Team Leader
  • Blockchain Privacy and quantum proof signatures. 
  • Cryptocurrency mining 
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​Andre Knispel

​Haskell Engineer and Mathematician
  • ​Germany

Experienced with Functional Programming (Haskell, Idris) and Mathematics.

  • Has his Masters in Mathematics, his mathematical expertise includes graph theory, algebra and algebraic geometry which are at the heart of modern cryptography, plus category theory and type theory which form the theoretical foundations of functional programming.
  • Software developer with real time distributed systems experience.
  • Expert functional programming professional specializing in Haskell and Idris
  • He uses Coq together with Haskell to produce verified code that will never crash and is proven to satisfy its specification.
  • Experienced with Quantum computing. 
  • Experienced with blockchain privacy solutions and quantum proof signatures 
  • Expert problem solver and out of the box thinker that enjoys solving the difficult problems

Guidon Malamud

Haskell ​Software Development Engineer
  • Israel

Senior software developer specializing in Haskell and functional programming.

  • ​Experienced in design & implementation of real-time embedded software and large distributed systems.
  • Specializes in applying functional programming patterns to design & implement scalable, flexible and robust real-time distributed software solutions.
  • Senior Software Developer for an asynchronous real-time distributed system that detects and processes US bankruptcy filings for a large issuer of US credit cards (Synchrony Bank, 35M active cardholders).
  • Developed pilot’s GUI, in 68000 assembler, to launch an arsenal of missiles and bombs from a NATO jet fighter (security clearance: Secret).
  • Senior engineer that implemented a remote disaster recovery site that is maintained fully synchronized, at both the infrastructure and application level, to allow switch-over at any time with no loss of production critical data.
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                 Maximilian Lupke
Lead One Haskell Engineer and ​Mathematician
  • ​​Germany

​S​oftware developer, experienced Functional programmer & Mathematician ​​

  • Experienced Software engineer and programmer in Haskell and Rust
  • Experienced in low-level optimization of software
  • Experienced in privacy solutions for blockchains
  • Experienced in web development.